Republican Women of California
San Diego County
We Elect Republicans

The Republican Women of California has been formed to:

     • Support political education and activity

     • Coordinate activities among volunteer
        Republican women’s groups and the
        Republican Party

     • Identify, train, and mentor future leadership

     • Support Republican candidates in all elections

     • Elect Republicans.


The Republican Women of California is a grassroots organization begun in San Diego County in 2018. Although the organization is new, the founding members are experienced volunteers who have won recognition throughout California as some of the most effective political coordinators within the state.

We are proud of our history and wish to share our expertise with other Republican women, clubs and organizations in a loose association beneficial to all.

Why Coordinate?

We have the greatest respect for our Republican women’s clubs within the state. Almost without exception, they are composed of dedicated, patriot women volunteers who donate their time and talents to promote the Republican philosophy and elect Republican candidates.

Some of these individual clubs have accomplished remarkable things. Our hats go off to them. Most, if not all, however, lack the numbers or expertise to single-handedly organize and coordinate activities outside their immediate vicinity. In a state as large and diverse as California, where gerrymandering has spread some electoral districts among multiple counties or over large geographical areas, where outreach opportunities are many and various, and where Republican candidates and local GOP organizations need to coordinate activities among multiple clubs, a single Republican women’s organization to manage these opportunities makes sense. RWC is that organization.

Why Leadership Training?

Despite the many advances women have made in the workforce, few women have learned the various skills necessary to run an effective grass-roots political organization.

For years within San Diego County, the women of RWC have setup and taught leadership training classes particularly geared to Republican volunteer organizations. From how to manage a meeting, to detailed reporting requirements, to current political events, and more – our RWC ladies can and do guide volunteer leaders around the pitfalls that can trip up any leader in any position.

We also use this training to identify and eventually mentor the ladies who want to contribute more to their party than can be done in the local unit club; i.e., those ladies who wish to become leaders within the Republican Party and/or become Republican candidates for office.

No single club has the time and expertise to perform these activities. RWC does.

Why RWC?

We believe in the Republican principles of local control and “bottom-up” organization. While we do insist that our members support only Republican candidates, we accept the fact that the Republican Party is a large, nationwide party representing many conservative factions and do not insist our ladies agree with every jot and tittle of the Republican Party Platform. We believe that respectful dissent and the exchange of ideas can only make our Party and our Country better. We do, however, ask our members to refrain from speaking ill of any Republican candidate or office-holder.

If you believe in traditional Republican principles, and would like to take advantage of our skills and expertise, please consider joining us.